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*All policies in effect as of June 12, 2021*

You must be at least 18 years of age in order to book a session!


Privacy Policy


As stated in the FAQ:


Your contact information, name, payment information, our conversations, emails, and our sessions will all remain confidential. 


Without giving identifying details, I may relay during a video/livestream a story or experience that involves something learned in a reading with a client. This would only be done for educational purposes, to use an example that would help to illustrate a point I am trying to make. 


I only save your contact information in order to make future communications easier. I do not give away, sell, show anyone, or tell anyone your contact info or name. I do not give away, sell, show anyone, or tell anyone your payment information, either. 


Third-party readings

It is up to my discretion whether or not I will read on subjects involving a third party. It is best that your questions are about yourself, rather than someone else. 


Here are some third-party readings that I cannot and will not do (not an exhaustive list):

  • Asking about your child or family member, whether grown up or a minor, without their expressed consent

  • Asking about anyone's personal life without their consent

  • A boss or manager asking about an employee; a teacher asking about a student

  • A past life reading for somebody who is not you
  • Past life readings on celebrities and other public figures can be found on my YouTube channel
  • Asking about someone's personal relationships that don't involve or affect you ("What is my coworker's marriage to her husband like?" or "What's happening in my nephew's relationship?")
  • Asking for private information about somebody else without their expressed consent ("Is so-and-so gay?")


Third-party readings I USUALLY allow might include questions such as:

  • "My loved one has been going through a hard time lately. What is the best way I can help them?"
  • "Is there anything in particular I should bring up and discuss with my child(ren)?"
  • "As a manager/boss, what can I do to ensure a healthy workplace?" or "How will my company know when we have found the right person to hire?"
  • "What should I look for in a potential hire?" 
  • "As an educator, what can I do to maintain a healthy/peaceful/etc classroom environment?" or "What can I do to best connect with my students?"
  • "What family advice, if any, does Spirit have for me?"
  • "Is there anything I need to know regarding my personal relationships?"


I understand that we all want to check in on our loved ones from time to time. Most people have good intentions and don't mean any harm, but sometimes there are things that we just can't read on.


Basically, no snooping.


Refund Policy & Cancellation Policy

Please be aware before you book an appointment that refunds will no longer be issued. I will do everything I can to accommodate you and the appointment you've booked. You are allowed one reschedule per appointment, if necessary. After that, your appointment will be cancelled and your payment forfeited to compensate my time.

24 hours notice is required to reschedule your appointment. If you miss the appointment and did not reschedule at least 24 hours before your appointment, then you will not be rescheduled and your fee will be forfeited to compensate my time. Please note that multiple failures to show up to an appointment may result in being barred from future services.



PayPal Dispute Policy

I will do my best to accommodate the needs of my clients, and to sort out any disagreements or misunderstandings.


However, any client who files a PayPal dispute/case against me WILL be permanently barred from future services. 




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