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Here are the services I offer:


Reiki Healing (1 hr) $120

Tarot Reading (1 hr) $100

Medium Reading (1 hr) $100


Email Reading (up to 5 questions) $40

Services & Rates

*NOTE: All prices are in Canadian Dollars*


Payment can be made at: 





How it Works

*For all services, payment must be sent before we can go ahead with scheduling.* 


Tarot readings

Face-to-face via Zoom

  • Some clients like to give me the gist of their situation without too many details, and questions pop up along the way. Other times, clients will already have a list of questions

  • We can read on a huge variety of topics! Popular subjects include advice on career, love and relationships, self-growth, Spiritual development, and Past Life readings. Feel free to ask about anything you want, there are no questions that are too small or too "dumb" to look at.


Email readings

  • Up to 5 questions allowed; be sure to include them in your inquiry email, or send them after payment is made
  • I will pull cards, take a picture of the spread, and email it to you along with a description of the reading
  • Email readings are usually ready within 2-3 days after payment is received


Medium readings

Face-to-face via Zoom

  • I use a combination of Tarot cards, clairvoyance, and clairaudience to do a medium reading
  • I connect with your loved one(s) in spirit and relay any messages back to you


Reiki healing

  • Done remotely via Zoom call
  • Takes about one hour
  • I use a surrogate (usually a stuffed toy) to represent you the client. The hand positions, energy transfer, and healing that I transfer to the surrogate will go directly to you. 


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