9 Law of Attraction Cards That Changed My Life

    Our words are more powerful than we think.

    Be it joy and prosperity or chaos and drama, what we tell ourselves is what we invite into our life.  It is so important to repeat loving and positive things until they join our inner monologue. It is something that has shown its results to me time and again, and I want everyone to know that it will work for them, too!

    A few years ago, I picked up a deck of these Abraham-Hicks Ask and it is Given cards. This deck is based on the book by the same name, created by Esther & Jerry Hicks. Each of the 60 cards has its own inspiring and thought-provoking affirmation on it, along with an in-depth explanation of what it means. And I love them! The illustrations are beautiful, the quotes easy to remember, and the deck itself wasn't terribly expensive.

    Today I want to show you some of my favourite selections from the deck and share them with you :)

    Of course, take all of these with a grain of salt. If something doesn't speak to you or feel like your truth, that's okay! Find what resonates with you and focus on that.


    1. "I Will Love Where I Am Right Now"



















    This one is really hard for me to remember sometimes. I get so eager to just go, go GO and get to the "fun part" where my goals are achieved... and I forget that I need to stay in the present and appreciate where I am now. Everything comes in time.


    2. "I Now Hold the Key to Creating Everything I Desire"

    It is empowering for me to know that I can make things happen! I think this card explains why we need to keep an optimistic and grateful mindset while we wait for the things we want.


    3. "It is Natural for My Body to Be Well"

    Sickness happens now and again. I like to remind myself that I'll feel good again soon. The rest of the card is up to your own interpretation, but I like to tell myself that I should expect to live in wellness.


    4. "My Slightest Improvement is of SUCH Great Value"


    You might have days where you think your efforts are for nothing, or like the changes you have made just don't matter.

    But they do! Every small improvement you make for yourself, every little good habit you adopt into your daily life, changes your overall wellbeing for the better. Even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes.


    5. "Whatever I Can Imagine, the Universe Can Deliver"

    Did you know you have the ability to attract anything you want? Awesome, right??


    6. "Only I Know What is Appropriate For Me"

    And this is why it's important we don't get caught up in allowing others to make our choices for us.


    7. "There is Enough Room for All Ideas and Experiences"

    There is enough room for everyone to have what they need and want.

    Do you want to do something in your life? Do it! Want to create prosperity for yourself and your family? Work for it! You achieving your goals and attracting what you want does not take away an opportunity or blessing from someone else.

    So go ahead, guilt-free.


    8. "My Attention to It Invites It In"


    As the card implies, this is a double-edged sword. But once I realized that indulging negative thoughts and going down that "what if?" rabbit hole was harming me, I learned how to fix it and instead invite in what is good and healthy.

    Now when I daydream, I purposefully imagine scenarios and things that I do want. I picture having what I really desire (sometimes it's a new car or a $10,000 cheque, other times it's a happy marriage and a beautiful baby with the one I love), and I revel in the excitement that comes with it.

    And finally,


    9. "A Consistent Formula Gives Me Consistent Results"

    When I tell myself throughout the day, "This has been a great day!" chances are I'll come home in a great mood. And when my sweetheart asks how it went, I'll have so many happy things to talk about!

    This goes for attracting anything you desire.

    That's just a fraction of the 60 woderful cards that have helped change my perspective. The law of attraction is a really exciting notion to me, and I'm glad I was able to share that with you. Thanks for reading, and watch for future posts!

    Attract only the best!




    Amy says (Oct 4, 2022):

    Beautiful cards with beautiful words.

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